Why do I think it is good?

Storytelling: There is clear breakdown

Setting- a tired, exhausted mother, a sleepy, almost crying baby in the background. She is getting back to work after maternity but situation is still wfh.

Suspense- There is an older child who is not shown initially but is heard. Child tells that that they already had breakfast (made out of iD bread) and classes have started for them as well.

The little things- milk for the little kid, the note placed on laptop, food on the table. The ad is made with these small but highly effective moments that have a strong sentimental value.

Why it works?

The ad has all qualities of a "good ad"

There is great storytelling, suspense, sentiment, and children.

Set exactly in a situation that all of have us are living in. We are all working from home, we are all exhausted, everything is online.

Who it works for?